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Every been in a conversation where you just wanted to shout “Get to the point!”? Most of us have. Sometimes we just want clear, easy to understand communication. When you read the book of James, you’ll find the author has a wonderful way of getting right to it. No ambiguity. Nothing wishy-washy. Just straightforward instructions on how to live the spiritual life in a healthy way. As we explore the book of James, we’ll find he has a gift for being “blunt”.

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Blunt # 2 – Jeff Arnett

February 18th, 2018

Want your “religion” to be legit? Be a listener…but then do something with it. Serve.

Blunt # 1 – Jeff Arnett

February 11th, 2018

Need wisdom, direction or help? Pray! Don’t wish or hope. Pray. And then trust God’s power to move in a way that is best for all.