Employment Opportunities

Middleville Fusion 412 Youth Ministry Leader

The Fusion Leader at TVC Middleville is responsible for the entire youth program (6th-12th grades) at the campus. You will work with the leaders of the small groups, serving teams, and student leaders in order to reach youth in and around Middleville.

Guest Services Director

The Guest Services Director is responsible for the guest experience from the street to the seat. You will make guests feel comfortable when they arrive and create an effective and healthy team environment for volunteers. Overall, you are leading volunteers to influence an environment where life change happens.

Director of Compassion Ministries

The Compassion Directors primary role is to create a heart of missional service within the church both locally and internationally. This missional service is done primarily through the development and leading of short-term mission trips, building relationships with church partners/mission agencies, community service, and creating a culture of Serving Groups and Volunteering.

If you would like to apply, please complete the following steps:

1. Complete our Application Form
2. Send your Resume to employment@tvcweb.com

Please note: once your application has been submitted along with your resume and references, your complete application will be reviewed by our team leaders. Not all of the applicants who apply will necessarily be interviewed. However, an email will be sent out to you letting you know if we are interested in scheduling an interview. If you have any questions, email us at employment@tvcweb.com