Have You Chosen your Fast Forward for Lent?

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As we approach Easter, we are challenging the TVC Family to choose a “Fast Forward.” This is saying no to something (fasting) and then adding a yes to prayer.

At each of the campuses, we will have opportunities to connect with us in this time of prayer. We will have prayer meetings that will meet weekly at each of the campuses and we will have an opportunity to sign up to pray during a slotted time of your choice.

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Some examples of what you can say no to:
No to:
  • TV after 7:00pm
  • Desserts
  • Social Media
  • Coffee/Caffeine

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This year for Fast Forward I am saying:
No to:*

Check out the opportunities below to connect with us in prayer.

Campus Prayer Meeting times

During Fast Forward, we will have dedicated times of prayer, at all our campuses.

Hastings Campus
8:00 am in the Loft
Middleville Campus
12:30 pm following 2nd service
In the Auditorium
Delton Campus
11:30 am (lunch to follow)
Middle School Auditorium
Online Campus
Anytime. Anywhere.

Online Prayer Sign-Up

What would it look like if over one thousand people agreed to pray just one or two times a week? Taking 15 minutes of your time to pray can do more than you could ever imagine.
You can sign up for a time that is convenient for you by clicking here.

Fast Forward Bracelets

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