Being alone surrounded by others…

That’s the danger of a large church, that you’ll come, sit in the pew, take up space, and walk away unchanged. No connection. No interaction. No friendship. Here at TVC we understand the need for relationships. They bring a sense of community, connection, and accountability.

At TVC we’ll get you connected with other people who are also working to strengthen their connection with God. TVC is not an island, we are connected to the community, to God and to each other by a bond that transcends anything the world has to offer. Only by forming friendships, by helping each other in our weakness, can we make it from Sunday to Sunday.

At TVC you won’t simply “Take up space”. You’ll become a part of something greater than yourself.
Come. Connect. Encourage.

Ways to Connect

Join a Life Group

Life is better, when we do it together.

Connect with Help

TVC provides a network of ministries with trained volunteers to help you move forward.