Barry County Cares

Location: Hastings, Michigan
Ministry: Barry County Cares works with local area churches to help reach out to those in financial need.
Contact: Tina Horrigan, Director
Prayer Requests: God would provide guidance in the best way to assist individuals that are seeking help.
Get Involved: Barry County Cares is looking for items to fill their toiletries pantry: deodorant, laundry soap, shampoo, conditioner, etc. Items can be delivered to BCC or Thornapple Valley Church Attn: Matt Everett

Joel & Ana Schrader

Location: Illinois
Ministry: Joel and Ana offer a community for international students to plug into, offering activities, meals, and “American” experiences. Many of the international students that study in the US are from countries where Christianity is not allowed by the government. These international students find themselves in a new culture, new language, and feeling more open than ever to learn about God. Joel and Ana’s goal is that the students would see themselves as “sent ones” into the world for Christ.
Social Media: Facebook: Ana Arias-Schrader
Get Involved: Joel and Ana are looking for individuals willing to pray for an international student by name. For more information, please contact Ana at

Francisco Barrera

Location: El Tamarindo, Dominican Republic
Ministry: Francisco is the pastor of a Christian Alliance church in El Tamarindo. He runs a school for over 150 children each year. We support Pastor Francisco both financially and by sending a short term mission team to minister to the school and community once a year.
Social Media: Facebook – Juan Francisco Barrera Reyes or TVC – El Tamarindo, DR
Get Involved: Join a “DR” mission trip, applications to join are on the wall at the Information Center. Donate to the Dominican Republic projects fund. To give to the fund, write “Dominican Republic Projects” in the memo of your giving.

My Alpha Place

Location: Hastings, MI
Ministry: My Alpha Place promotes the sanctity of human life along the whole life spectrum, the importance of family, and sexual integrity according to God’s Word. My Alpha Place provides free pregnancy related crisis mentoring and material assistance to individuals and families, as well as family skills and training, books for students and Bible studies.
Contact:, (269)948-9013
Social Media: Facebook – My Alpha Place
Get Involved: My Alpha Place is looking for mentors. My Alpha place is also looking for donations of gently used/new newborn-4T clothing, gentle ease formula, baby food, diapers, wipes, etc.

Joseph and Jane Wainaina

Location: Maai, Mahiu, Kenya
Ministry: Joseph and Jane will be opening a pastor training and Christian resource library for pastors and the community.
Social Media:
Prayer Request: A shipment of books will be sent to Kenya in September 2015. Pray that the shipment arrives safely and the books make it through customs without additional costs and/or detainment.
Get Involved: In order to ship the books, an additional $5900 needs to be raised. You can help with shipping costs by going to

Chris and Angie Walker

Location: Mibu, Papua New Guinea
Ministry: Chris, Angie, and their family, live with the Mibu tribes evangelizing, teaching, and translating the Bible into the Ma language. Chris spends so much time hiking between tribes, he has completely walked through a pair of boots in just 6 months!
Get Involved: Sign up for the Walker’s newsletter to hear about their latest adventures, ups, and downs as they work with the Mibu tribe by e-mailing

Larry Niebor

Location: St Cloud, Florida
Ministry: Larry directs the training and development of ministry skills to all new Campus Crusade for Christ headquarters staff, interns, and paid and volunteer staff.
Get Involved: Pray that God would use Larry and his team to plant and water seeds of the gospel and see some harvest. Also, pray for trainees to gain experience in outreach that can be applied for the rest of their lives.

Weston Wachu

Location: Kilifi, Kenya
Ministry: Weston leads the Shelter Worship Center, a faith based organization reaching the lost with the message of Jesus Christ through church planting and leadership development training conferences.
Social Media: Facebook – Weston Wachu
Get Involved: Pray that the Lord will help in the building of their new sanctuary. Pray the Lord will bring students willing to join the school of leadership.

Spiritual Care Consultant

Location: Hastings, MI
Ministry: Spiritual Care Consultants meet with individuals who are in need of specific counseling to assist with the burdens of today’s environment or struggling with spiritual issues. This meeting is done through a free one-on-one consulting session with a trained Spiritual Care Consultant.
Contact: Gale Kragt
Social Media: Facebook – Spiritual Care Consultants
Prayer Requests: Pray for the people coming in for help.
Get Involved: Spiritual Care Consultants is looking for people to partner with them as prayer partners and consultants. Training is offered to both prayer partners and consultants. For more information contact the Spiritual Care Consultants at 269-254-5758.